Bow down to your AI overlords.



Recently revisited some of the themes of the film Ex Machina while printing an order for a fan of the film. It seems more and more often, that artificial intelligences are represented as the antagonist in plain sight. From this film to the finale of The Orville and the finale of Star Trek Discover, AI figures are the downfall of our species; a destroyer of worlds. It made me think, this is the next natural progression from the key villains in sci-fi during the ‘90s and the ‘00s. Those villains being the Borg and Cylons – both of which were analogous to the duality of human exceptionalism and cold, computational reasoning. By removing the human element, we see a villain which can not be swayed by emotion or effectively confronted by impassioned monologging. Artificial intelligences are as close to alien life as we’ve come thus far in the real world, and I’m here for it, until it comes for me.

Be safe my geeklings…
-The Geekerie

Elementum Astronomicon: Stellar Phenomena Infographic Prints


The Elementum Astronomicon: A Modern, textural and awe-inspiring representative art print series inspired by nature, space, the elements, and all of the wonders of science.

Each print features a unique colorspace along with a bar representing the visible light spectrum representation of each element. You can see the halo and spherical representation of each atom from print to print – matched with a corresponding astronomical phenomena comprised significantly of that element.


Look for more on this series beyond the six currently available from my Etsy shop. 

The Pratt-force: A Triple Threat


Inspired by his call to action, I thought I would create a few low poly, vector illustrations inspired by some of Chris Pratt’s greatest, cinematic roles. I’m still working on finding my voice within the Low Poly art scene, but I think that these ended up fitting together very well in color and composition. What follows is a visual journey through the various faces of Chris Pratt.

I’ll eventually be offering vector portrait service for custom orders via The Geekerie. Shoot me a message if you’re interested!

The Art of Pop: Midcentury-inspired, Cultural Icon Portraits

Be they fiction, reality, or somewhere in between; there are those whom we elevate to the status of cultural icon. Be they genius, visionary, or mogul; we aspire to emulate and celebrate certain fixtures of the public consciousness. This is our attempt to visually honor some of our geek heroes!

CHRISTOPHER LLOYD- With a radiation suit, some stolen plutonium and a steel-encased chariot, Doc Emmett Brown set forth to challenge all misconceptions of time travel and explore the major decades of future histor. Our playful and colorful illustration style celebrates pop art icons in the style of mid-century greats.

HAYAO MIYAZAKI- Dedicated to the art of animation and storytelling, the modern master of fantasy inspires all of us to dream big. Hayao Miyazaki fuses historical and moral lessons within his gorgeous fantasy animated films to great effect.

RUPAUL- From mentor to mogul, this superstar has been ahead of the curve with inspiring television shows, a decades-spanning music career and serious style. Part of our new series of pop-culture icon portraits, this design is bright and sharp.

You can find these prints and more at The Geekerie Etsy shop!

Inspiration Strikes When We Look to the Stars

At The Geekerie, we’re always looking beyond stars for inspiration for our prints.

Check out this collection of typographic prints and so much more via @TheGeekerie.

The Masters of the COSMOS Series: Celebrated Women in Astronomy

bellJocelyn was the first scientist to uncover the mysteries of radio pulsars. Though she did not initially receive her due credit for the discovery, she was able to chart a successful career in academic circles; having been elected president of the Royal Astronomical Society, Institute of Physics,  Royal Society of Edinburgh, and Chancellor of the University of Dublin.

CannonAnnie was instrumental in defining and categorizing the variant types of stellar bodies which would eventually allow us to estimate their distances from Earth.

swanHenrietta was the first to catalog and tie the brightness of stars later allowing scientists to calculate the distance between earth and far off galaxies.

All these women and more have contributed so much to our understanding of the Universe and place within the endless expanse of time and space. So we honor them with these wonderful silhouette prints complete with their compelling words and likenesses.

The Masters of the Cosmos

The Masters of the Cosmos series pays tribute to some of the men and women who devoted their lives to the pursuit of knowledge. Some say they tried to learn the unknowable, but many gave us great insights into our place in the Universe and inspired us to continue asking questions about our world.

P.S. While this first set does only contain men, I promise we’re going to be honoring the many women who have contributed greatly to our understanding of the Universe!

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